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Before Selling or After Buying

Before selling or after buying a house, let Hana's Home Warranty Insurance provide you peace of mind from the worries and hassles of maintaining your home. Let our trained and certified professionals take care of your home for you.

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Pic 1Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What is Hana Home Protection Company, Inc.?

After applying with the California Department of Insurance in 1991, Hana Home Protection Company, Inc. received its permit in 1996, at the time in what was considered a short time for approval. Shortly thereafter, Hana received its license in the beginning of 1997 and concurrently began operations. Our main goal is to offer home warranty protection insurance to the public at very reasonable fees.

2.   What does Hana Home Protection Company, Inc. offer?

Most simply put, we provide home protection insurance, which the home buyer purchases, for home-related problems that surfaces after the seller sells the house.

3.   What kind of protection does Hana Home Protection Company, Inc. offer?

For example, we offer warranty for home-related problems including plumbing, electrical system, air condition, etc. to new home buyers and home sellers.

4.   If this warranty is mandatory, how and to whom does it apply?

Like most states, in the state of California, the seller is responsible for previously mentioned home-related problems from the official closing date of escrow, to a . Of course, this responsibility is not enforced by law, but it aides the seller in proving that he or she did not intentionally hide or deceive the buyer about any damages that needed repairs prior to selling the house. Again, no seller is legally required to have this type of home warranty but it protects the seller from future headaches and guards the seller from being entangled in a legal dispute. However, this is usually a stipulation stated in the individual contracts between the seller and buyer.

5.   Is Hana Home Protection Company, Inc. a subcontractor?

Hana Home Protection Company, Inc. holds its own license and is not a part of any other company acting as a subcontractor. In addition, because we are closely regulated by State of California we are able to offer fast and reliable service to our customers.

6.   What factors differentiate Hana Home Protection Company, Inc. from other companies?

Two most important differences are: 1. Our total commitment to complete service. Other companies promises the same but we deliver. 2. Specialized and tailored services to many different regional communities.

7.   How much does it cost?

The total cost of your Home Warranty Plan will differ depending on the options you choose, but Basic Coverage, as it has for more than a decade, starts from $245.00 and up. Please see the Home Warranty Plans for details.