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Before Selling or After Buying

Before selling or after buying a house, let Hana's Home Warranty Insurance provide you peace of mind from the worries and hassles of maintaining your home. Let our trained and certified professionals take care of your home for you.

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How Hana Can Help You

Pic 1 Home Warranty Insurance Basics

Hana Home Protection Company, Inc. operates in the niche market of home warranty insurance. Home Warranty Insurance provides coverage over various aspects of your home. The difference between your standard home insurance and home warranty insurance is that, your standard home insurance protects the shell of your home, the walls, the foundation, etc. from catatrosphe.

Home Warranty Insurance covers all of the other parts of your home, from the systems that keep your home operating, to the roof that keeps you protected and dry. To put it in the proper context, we cover the other parts of your home, from your plumbing and exhaust systems, to kitchen appliances, to your garage door opener. After purchasing a Home Warrant Insurance Policy from Hana, you can rest assured that your home will be protected.

From Real Estate Agent to Home Buyer and/or Home Seller, talk to us about the services Hana can provide, which include not only peace of mind, but value added benefits as well.

Pic 2 Why Hana Home is Better

Home Warranty Insurance offers you protection of your home, above and beyond what is covered in your stanard home insurance policy. Our Home Warranty Policies offer the broadest range of protection in the industry. But more importantly, the core values of our people and our company enable us to understand the everyday home owner's concerns that come with necessary home repairs, including heightened concerns regarding inherently dangerous systems such as your electricity or central air. Paying a technician for each and every repair can become expensive, you may lack the expertise to make the repairs on your own, or the job may simply be too dangerous. For a fraction of the cost of one potential electrical systems repair, you can receive all of the benefits of having a home warranty policy through Hana Home, that covers not only any new problems to your electrical systems, but any new problems to all of the major systems in your home and more.

We have been an industry leader for over ten years. Over the course of the past decade we have always catered to the individual, putting their hard earned money into an investment as great as a house. Although we have had many opportunities over the years to raise the prices of our policies and our service charges, we have consciously chosen to continue to cater to individuals in our greater community for the same price, while constantly raising our level of performance and customer service. Hoping to serve you, your family and your friends for decades to come.

Pic 3 After the close of escrow...

and after you have moved into your new dream house, when something breaks down it can quickly become a nightmare. Especially if the repair is complicated and expensive. Normally, the buyer would rely on the seller for any repairs, which could mean for example, living with a leaking roof until the seller gets around to fixing it. Alternatively, the buyer will have to pay expensive repair fees out of her/his own pocket with no guarantee of reimbursement. Furthermore, the buyer would have to go through the trouble of finding a trust worthy contractor and all of the other headaches that complicated repairs entail. And finally, you will still have no assurance in the quality of the repair work, nor will the work be guaranteed.

Pic 4 Let Hana Help You

We know that your time is valuable. We also know that in situations such as a leaking roof, time is of the essence. Once Hana receives word of your problem, we will send one of our many highly skilled certified professionals to you to fix your problem.

Buyers: instead of worrying about relying on the seller to fix any issues, and Sellers: instead of worrying about having to fix or pay for any issues on a property that you've cut ties with and sold, have Hana take care of the problems for you. We stand by our policies, the quality of the work of our service professionals, and our highly regarded customer service. So much so, that all of our work is Guaranteed. Talk to us about our Home Warranty Insurance, and Let Hana Help You.